CRYSTAL DRAGON By Clarke Kent For LSD For those adventurers having trouble getting started,click `DONE` upon entering the character generator.When you begin the game you will have the two characters from the story - Bethan (level 2 cleric) and Yorath (level 2 warrior).Both characters have exellent weapons and enhanced stats. A characters inventory can not be viewed until the start of the game. CHARACTERS & POSESSIONS MORLOCK (paladin) shirt,boots and pants,Knights` holy synbol,meat,bread,apple,water flask, short sword,torch. DELPHINA (thief) shirt,silk pants,apples(x3),water flask,lockpick,dagger,torch. SONJA (warrior) shirt,trousers,leather armour,meat(x2),water flask,short sword,torch. MIRIANDA (assassin) tunic,boots and pants,meat,water flask,longbow,quiver,torch. APOLLO (paladin) shirt,Knights` holy symbol,leather armour,bread(x2),water flask, short sword,torch. XANDAR (mage) magerobe,apples(x4),scroll(light),scroll(missiles),water flask. DELANOR (cleric) clericrobe,pants,apples(x2),potion(healing),water flask,clerics` holy symbol,mace,shield,torch. TOECUTTER (thief) shirt,boots and pants,meat,bread,apple,water flask,dagger,lockpick,torch. JASMINE (assassin) shirt,silk pants,meat,water flask,blowpipe,torch,cloth bag. SIRINA (mage) magerobe,bread(x3),water flask,scroll(missile),scroll(compass), scroll(light). WAYLANDER (paladin) shirt,boots and pants,meat(x4),water flask,short sword,torch. WATABE (warrior) shirt,boots and pants,apples(x3),water flask,short sword,torch. THELZIDRA (mage) magerobe,meat(x3),water flask,scroll(light),scroll(shield), scroll(strength). MYRKUL (thief) shirt,boots and pants,bread,apple,water flask,lockpick,dagger(x2), torch. OLTRAVAR (cleric) Beforclericrobe,boots and pants,leather armour,meat,water flask,potion(healing- n2),clerics` holy symbol,mace,torch. ETRIGAN (warrior) tunic,boots and pants,bread(x3),water flask,short sword,shield,torch. MORGANA (cleric) clericrobe,apples(x3),water flask,potion(healing),mace,clerics` holy symbol, torch. MALIK (ASSASSIN) shirt,boots and pants,meat,water flask,sling,torch,cloth bag. YORATH (warrior) shirt,boots and pants,helm,meat,bread,torch,water flask,large shield, longsword +1. BETHAN (cleric) clericrobe,boots and pants,meat(x2),water flask,clerics` holy symbol, potion(healing x2),mace +2,torch. LEVEL 1 Before entering combat make sure all scrolls are scribed and weapons are ready.Also ensure that weak characters are at the rear of the party. When in combat with a creature,pay attention to your health,flee from combat if things get too tough.Break all wooden doors before you open them, this will give your character extra experience points. In the storeroom go to location X:10012 Y:9998 and press the switch on the north wall.This will move a wall to the right giving you access to some useful items.A rope can also be found in the storeroom. Take the equipment key back to the barracks and unlock the door at location X:10002 Y:9987 for two potion bottles. After killing the guards in the arena go to the door with red gems and wait.When it opens run in and kill the the guard.The switch for the `GO BACK` door can be found by walking backwards twice,this will reveal an illusion.Pressing the switch on the west wall will open the door. Depth 2: After killing the guards use the key in the wall lock at X:10017 Y:10000.The door has a time delay lock and will open after about ten seconds. LEVEL 2 In the guardsroom.Find a shelf with a shortsword,now turn right and walk into an illusion to find a helm.A switch can also be found at X:10009 Y:10000 which removes a wall at X:10008 Y:9998,this leads into a small room with two pillars.This room also has a switch to enable you to move between the two locations. Find a switch in the barracks to move the second pillar.This can be found next to the apple.The General's door switch also moves the pillar at X:10008 Y:9992 where you will find a chest. Depth 2:This room has two doors ,2 wall gem slots,4 shelves and an illusion.When the longsword or wand of light are removed from either of the shelves a pit will open up on the square where you are standing and drop you through to the next depth.To avoid this,on removing an object from a shelf walk backwards quickly.The illusion in this room hides a pit which you can climb down using the rope from the storeroom on level 1. Depth 3:Kill the guards in this room to gain two more gems.The door at X:10020 Y:10008 leads back up to the room with 2 gem slots.Make sure you jam the door with a dagger before going back upstairs otherwise it will close behind you.Now place two of the gems in the wall slots upstairs, then do the same on this depth.A wall will now have been removed at X:10014 Y:10008 revealing an open door at X:10011 Y:10008 with stairs leading up.Stand in front of this door,turn right and walk forwards through an illusion for some useful items. After unlocking the 'Guardians of the staff' door have a rope ready before going downstairs.Once downstairs climb down the moving pit and start searching the walls for switches.You will need to find 4 elemental stones before using the teleport on this depth. Take the stones to the 4 shelves by the moving pits and place them on the correct shelves after reading the parchments.When all 4 gems have been placed in the correct order a wall will be removed atX:10004 Y:10007 (depth - 3).In this room you will find the Rod of Resurrection and an exit door. LEVEL 3 Several creatures need to be killed before you can start exploring this level,so make sure you have weapons and spells ready.Try not to hang about in one place too long,if things get rough head for the sanctuary room (to the west) to rest your characters. Go to location X:10012 Y:10007,this switch will turn off the pit at X:10020 Y:10003 giving you access to several rooms.Search the walls for illusions.Hack down the door to the cells and search for a switch.Search the grate at X:10018 Y:9999 and you will find the scroll of light.Go to the floor switch at X:10008 Y:10006 and turn on the wall at X:10005 Y:10004, now click the switch at X:10006 Y:10003 to turn on the fireballs, now go back to the floor switch and stand on it.The fireballs will destroy the door at X:10007 Y:10004 and kill the creatures inside.When the creatures are dead stand on the floor switch again to turn on the wall,now get the sacrificial knife from the room.Once you have found the pearl key take the knife to the long corridor with the moving pit and place it on the shelf efter removing the scroll. To gain entry to the Guardroomclimb down the moving pit in front of the door,search the guardroom and you will find a black pearl key which will open the door to the Legions of Death. Switches can also be found at these locations :- (X:10019 Y:9996), (X:10007 Y:9992),(X:10006 Y:9995),(X:10009 Y:1008) LEVEL 4 On entering this level stand still,the dungeon square you are standing on is a 'safe' location and you can not be attacked while standing here.Wait for the guards to appear on the square in front of you,then move forward and attack them.If you need to rest your character walk backwards on to the square. Head north and stand in front of the door at X:10027 Y:10000 and hack it down.You will see a large floor switch on the square in front of you which is the trigger mechanism for 4 traps.To avoid being poisoned move onto the switch and quickly back off again.You will be hit by a few spells,but they wont kill you. Pressing the switch in the corridor with the traps will move a wall behind you and allow you to enter the 'stepping stones'. Go east from the stepping stones, this will lead to several small rooms with moving pits.Go down these pits and search for TUREN'S SKULL OF TELEPORTATION.Check your majic mapto find the 'safe' squares in the stepping stones.Eventually you will find a ruby key which will give you access to the 'Zombies'room. In the zombies room,search the west wall to find an illusion and a +2 mace.Before taking the parchment from the shelf at X:10038 Y:10018, turn right and walk through the illusion,the small room here has a door which can be jammed with a dagger.Now take the parchment and run to the small room,let the guards in one at a time and kill them.Don't forget to jam the door from the inside after each has entered otherwise the guards will open the door. LEVEL 5 As soon as you enter this level a skeleton warrior will attack you.Kill it quickly before anymore teleport into this location,then break down the wooden door to the east.Go through the door and stand on the floor switch, then move left into an illusion to find a potion of healing,after a few seconds a confusion spell should be visible to the east.Follow the corridor with the flying spell checking the walls and grates along the way.eventually you will find a door. Head for co-ordinates X:10038 Y:10012,here you will find a teleport which will take you to a room with several zombies in.Kill them then press the switch at X:10044 Y:10014 to remove a wallto the south.Find the switch in this room to reveal the emerald key.Now use the key to open the door in the west tower.Save your game before climbing down the pits in the west tower as some of these pits go down through 9 depths. LEVEL 6 Don't hack down any wooden doors on this level.The switch on the guardroom door also opens the door to the drog kennel which releases 5 savage drogs, so if you go into the guardroom don't forget to close the door! Get the amber key from the guardroom,this will unlock to the drog pit. When this door opens retreat to the guardroom and close the door before the drogs get out.Let the drogs in to the guardroom one at a time and kill them. Depth 2:Before climbing down into the drog pit give each character two weapons and be ready to cast majic missile spells.Once in the pit turn left and fight your way to the west where you will find a door.Double click the door switch.When the door opens run through into the room and the door will close behind you,now kill the drog that followed you in.Keep double clicking the door switch to let one drog in at a time until you have killed them all.Pressing the switch at X:10036 Y:9989 removes a wall in the key room. Press the switch at X:10031 Y:9980 to turn the key room teleport at X:10036 Y:9982.Once in the key room throw the knife down the left hand side of the corridor to remove the pit in front of you,now get the topaz key from the shelf.Now go upstairs and use the key to unlock the door in the guardroom. LEVEL 7 First open the door to the south and go in to the room.Get the lightning scroll and scribe it.Examine the pillar in the center of the room ,you will find 4 switches,press them in this order:- first press the one on the west wall,then the one on the north wall.The War Drogs door will now be open. Go into the war drogs room and examine the pillar.Press the switches in this order:-first press the switch on the east wall then the one on the south wall.Now go back to the first room and you will find a passage that leads you to the armoury.Go past the armoury and press the switch at X:10022 Y:10008 ,this will reveal a short passage leading in to a large hall with pits and twisters.In the hall go to X:10014 Y:10012 and walk forward through the illusion,turn left and go to X:10018 Y:10013 and press the switch on the west wall,the wall at X:10014 Y:10007 will have moved allowing you to examine the rest of the hall. The pit at X:10010 Y:10008 is an illusion.Walk over it and go to X:10008 Y:10006and press the switch on the south wall,this will open the 'fountain of healing' door for about 12 seconds.In this room press the switch next to the door, this removes a pit at X:10008 Y:10012. Go to X:10006 Y:10014 and press the switch on the east wall,this will turn off a pit at X:10013 Y:10013 and allow you to get the granite key from the shelf.Use the granite key to open the stone door at X:10007 Y:10015. Go down the pits in the hall to find 2 switches which remove a wall near the 'war drogs'room.Use the teleporter in this room to get into the armoury. At 'Launch' throw an object down the right hand side of the corridor over the pit,this will turn off the second pit to your left.Now press the switch 2 locations to the east and take the breastplate from the shelf, go back into the hall and search the north wall for an illusion which hides a mighty axe. After taking the axe go to the war drogs room at the start of the level and get the scroll of confusion and the agate key from the secret room.By now you should have 4 coins collected from the previous levels. At the 'Wishing Well' don't throw the coins down! Put the gold coin in the cursor and climb down using the rope.When you land quickly drop the coin on the small floor switch to the northwest.A pit will open dropping you through to the next depth.Turn around 180 degrees and you will find an enterance to 'Edrik's Tomb'. Use the Skull of teleportation to gain the 2-handed sword and shield. Take Edrik's bone from the shelf and identify it.Now go back to the wishing well and use the rest of the coins to get to the bottom of the shaft. On depth 9 place the last coin on the floor switch to the southwest. Now find the illusion in the east wall and press before taking the teleport.The pillar at X:10019 Y:9999 neer the enteranceto the wishing well will now have been reemoved revealing 2 rooms containing special items.