KING'S QUEST II PART ONE King's Quest II begins where King's Quest I left off. You've ascended to the throne and now find yourself, King Graham, lonely and hankering after a wife and an heir to the throne. Looking in your magic mirror (recovered from the previous game) you find yourself looking upon the lovliest face you've ever seen! When you ask the mirror whom she may be, it only answers that she's been imprisoned by the evil witch, Hagatha, in an enchanted crystal tower and it is up to you to rescue her. Thus begins your quest...locate as much treasure as you can, and find the keys which will unlock the doors to your future bride. A word of caution about the "nasties" in this game (to be avoided at all costs!): They are Hagatha the witch, an evil enchanter, a wolf in granny's clothing and a fast little dwarf who likes to grab treasure. When you see any of these characters, beat feet! 'Nuff said! You begin on a beach in the kingdom of Kolyma. Begin your quest by going east twice to Grandma's House. Open the mailbox and get the basket of goodies. Go east then north to the door in the tree. Open the door and climb down the ladder. At the bottom of the ladder, go east. Be prepared to leave if the dwarf's home. If he does catch you, though, all he does (if you're not carrying any treasure) is deposit you back outside the door in the tree. When you can do so, get the cauldron of soup and open the chest. When you look in the chest you see a pair of beautiful Sapphire and Diamond Earrings! Get the earrings and leave by going west, up the ladder, then west out the door. Head back south to the screen that's just east of Granny's and wait for (you guessed it!) Little Red Riding Hood! She's quite distraught because she's misplaced the basket of goodies she was going to give to her grandma. Hand her the basket and she gives you a bouquet of pretty flowers. That done, head back west to Grandma's House and open the door. If the wolf's in bed (instead of granny), leave immediately! If the coast is clear, walk up to Grandma and give her the soup. Since she's ailing, the chicken soup is a welcomed present. She thanks you and tells you to look under her bed. When you do you see a black cloak and a Ruby Ring, which you take into your possession. Wear the cloak and the ring, bid Grandma farewell and leave the house. Now head east three times and open the door to the Monastery. Go up to the altar and pray. The monk notices your piety and after finishing his prayers, he stands up and asks your name. Tell him "Graham" and he gives you a Silver Cross on a chain, then goes back to his prayers. Wear the cross and leave the Monastery. Go south and stand in front of the rock by the tree. Look in the hole and you see a small Sapphire and Diamond Brooch! Take the brooch then go south across the lake, pass by the Antique Shop (it's closed anyway...right now!) and continue south twice more to the bridge. Be careful when you enter the Chasm area. Depending on where you are on the screen, you may find yourself falling to a short version of the game! I suggest you stop your character whenever you enter a new screen before venturing on. Cross the bridge and go north to the magic door. Read the inscription and then go south and west back across the bridge. You get one point every time you cross the bridge, but only do it when you're instructedt o since the bridge has a limited lifetime! Once on the firm ground again, go west and then north to the tree with the hole in in. Look in the hole and get the mallet then go west twice and look in the right-hand hollow log (the other three hollow logs are empty). Tucked inside the log is an expensive Sapphire and Diamond Necklace! Get the necklace, go north twice then west to the tree and get the stake that's laying there. Now go west to the beach. KING'S QUEST II PART TWO A brief word about the beach area...I've NEVER run into any of the badguys here. So if you meet up with Hagatha on the screens that are just east of the beach, go west and you'll be safe. Get the shell you see here. When you pick up the shell, you see a Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet hidden under it! Get the bracelet, go south twice and get the trident. Enter the water and swim north threetimes. When you get to the lagoon with three rocks, you see a mermaid sunning herself on one of the rocks! Swim to her and give her the bouquet of flowers. She's so enchanted with your gift that she summons a Magic Seahorse for your transportation! Ride the seahorse. You won't have to guide it, though, until you get to King Neptune. When you've reached your destination, guide the seahorse up to Neptune and give him the trident. He's so pleased to have his beloved trident back that he gives you a bottle and opens a giant clamshell near him. When the shell is opened, you see a golden key inside. Take the key and guide the seahorse back toward the east. It knows the rest of the way, and takes you back to the rock you found the mermaid on. Swim back to shore, go north three times then east twice into the cave. If Hagatha's there, don't worry...she's blind as a post unless you make noise! Go over to the birdcage, remove the cloth from the bottle that Neptune gave you and cover the cage with the cloth. Doing so will keep the nightingale quite and keep Hagatha concerned only with her brew. Take the cage and leave the cave. Once outside the cave, head east until you get to the bridge over the chasm. Cross the bridge and go north to the magic door. Remember the inscription? Well, you've made that "big splash" and can unlock the door. As you do so, the key disappears and...another door with another inscription appears! Read the second inscription, go south and west back across the bridge. Now go south three times to the Antique Shop. Open the door (shop's open for business now!) and you find a lady in a rocking chair. Talk to the lady and she tells you she has a lamp you might be interested in. Buy the lamp and she says that the price may bed ear, but she'd give anything if she had her precious bird back from that evil old Hag. Give her the bird and she gives you the lamp in gratitude! But since she has her pet back, she's anxious to close up shop and escorts you out the door. Once outside the door, polish the lamp and (yup!) a genie appears and lays a Magic Carpet at your feet! Fly the carpet and you find yourself floating high in the air going to the mountain top! As with the seahorse, the carpet knows the way and deposits you gently on the mountain. Go east and you find your path blocked by a snake coiled and ready to strike! But don't panic! Rub the lamp and the genie appears once more and gives you a sword with a snake engraved on the handle. Hmmm, this seems too simple. It's simple to just kill the snake and be done with it. Rub the lamp again and this time the genie (who's tired of your polishing by now) gives you a bridle. A bridle? How are you supposed to vanquish the snake with a bridle? Oh well...When the genie (and the lamp) finally disappear, put the bridle on the snake. What's this? A beautiful white winged horse appears before you! This is magic! Could this horse talk also? Let's to the horse and I'll be darned, it CAN speak! It tells you it was turned into a snake because it refused to become the property of an evil enchanter! But since you've shown it mercy and returned it to its true form, the horse gives you a Magic Sugar Cube that will protect you from poisonous brambles. After he flies away, go east twice into the cave. On one ofthe boulders lies another Golden Key! Get the key, head west three to the cliff edge and fly the carpet back to the Antique Shop. Go north three times and cross the bridge. Go north to the magic door and unlock the second door. As before, when the door opens, the key disappears and a third door (and yet another inscription) appear! Read the third inscription, go south, west across the bridge, then west twice and north twice to the figure in the boat. KING'S QUEST II PART THREE This is getting scary! This guy looks like the ferryman from the RiverStyx! He also looks like he's been waiting for you! Or...someone who looks like you! Because you're wearing the cloak and ring, the ferryman allows you to enter his boat and takes you across the poison lake to the ruins of a suspicious looking castle. This castle is surrounded by poisonous brambles, but you have the MagicSugar Cube to protect you! Eat the sugar and approach the castle door. When you get to the door, you find the way blocked by two spooky looking ghosts! But upon seeing your attire (and jewelry), they assume you're someone else and disappear leaving your path unbarred. Open the castle door and... (gulp!) Eerie music and flickering torchlight greet (greet?) you. You've just entered Count Dracula's Castle so keep your silver cross,stake and mallet handy! Go west and climb the stairs (carefully!) to the Bedroom. Go to the dresser and open the drawer. Inside you find a candle. Take the candle and go back downstairs. On the way down, light the candle with the torch on the wall, continue down the stairs and go east twice into the Dining Room. On the dining room table sits a large, juicy ham. Take the ham and go east down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs you see a little rat scurrying about. He's just there for "atmosphere" (evil chuckle) and won't hurt you. Save the game at this point. Go west into the Coffin Chamber. Now's the tricky part. If the coffin is open, take the pillow and get the key hidden under it. If, however, the coffin is closed, that means "the Count is in". When you open the coffin, *immediately* kill Dracula with the mallet and stake. After his body is turned to dust, another key will be left behind. Take that key also. Go back upstairs to the dining room. If Dracula wasn't in his coffin before, you'll meet him upstairs now. When he sees you, he'll try to bite you; but because you're wearing the cross (you *are* wearing it,aren't you?) he'll be driven off and turn into a bat. When this happens, go back downstairs and go back to the Coffin Chamber. This time (if it wasn't before) the lid will be closed and Dracula will be asleep in it. In order to get maximum points, you MUST kill Dracula. By saving the game, the chance of his being in his coffin can be changed by restoring the game if you miss him the first time. Once you've killed Dracula and have both keys, go north through the archway in the dining room and save your game again. This set of stairs is the absolute nastiest stairway I've ever encountered! The graphics get a bit sloppy here and your feet appear to be walking on air, so it's hard to judge your footing. Climb the stairs to the room at the top and unlock and open the chest. When you look in the chest you see a costly Sapphire and Diamond Tiara! Get the tiara and save your game before you navigate those stairs again! Go down the stairs, go south, west and south to exit the castle. Once outside the castle, go back through the brambles and get back into the boat. The ferryman will take you back across the poison lake and deposit you onshore automatically. Once there, go south twice then east twice. Cross the bridge (for the last time...its lifespan has been sapped) and go north to the magic door. This time when you unlock the magic door, you find yourself deposited in a strange land indeed! Blue sand, rainbow-colored water and pink skymeet your bewildered eyes! You seem to be trapped with no way across the water. Go north and get the net. (If you're playing this in color, you may have to bump around for the net...I had a hard time finding it.) Goback south twice and go fishing. When you haul your net back, a large golden fish flops out of the net and lays gasping for air on shore! Take pity on the fish by throwing it back into the water. When you do, the fish returns to you, thanks you for your kindness and offers to give you a ride across the water! Ride the fish. When you reach your destination, the fish hurls you to shore where you're momentarily dazed, but unharmed! Looking around you see some of the strangest plantlife imaginable! No time to do abotanist's report, though, you have a date to keep! Go north twice then east and get the amulet. Look at the amulet and you see it has the word "HOME" engraved on its reverse side. Go south, open the door and enter the tower. Again, save your game because these stairs are a bit odd, too. Climb the stairs and you find your progress blocked by a roaring lion! Give the ham to the lion...and the poor thing, satiated, falls into a peaceful sleep. Open the door. Your quest is at an end because here'sthe love of your life! The Princess Valanise! She comes towards you,lovely beyond words! Kiss her and music swells to your head as you fall even more under her spell. She then asks your name, and after you respond, the problem of how to leave this enchanted place becomes your utmost worry! Ah...the Amulet! Say "Home" and you find yourself blacking out! What devilry is this? But, despair not, for when you awaken, you find yourself in the Monastery, standing at the altar next to the monk. In the pews sit all your past foes, pests and friends. Then, down the aisle comes your bride! After the monk pronounces you husband and wife, you find yourself returned to your castle in Davantry to reign long and happily with your true love beside you!