Running Man, The CHEAT MODE: Enter 'DdIiSsKk' into the high score table for infinite energy. This cheat is case sensitive. SOLUTION -------- LEVEL 1 Right just make your way rightwards kicking the dog occasionally, until you spot the crevasse, now, you need to run up to the first ice platform from the floor, and when you are a couple of paces from it, jump, and keep jumping until you are over the crevasse. Once you've done this, the only trouble you'll have is the 'stalker' and a dog, oh and also once you have killed the 'stalker', the place fills with gas. What you do is this, run right, and kick the 'stalker', when he comes by, the only way he can harm you is by whacking his exploding pucks at you, or whacking you with his stick (whatever you call it, and he doesn't do this very often !) If he comes up behind you, run towards him and kick him, then continue right. It is important that you get as far right as you can, so that when you have killed the 'stalker', you don't get killed by the gas as you are running to the exit. LEVEL 2 Make your way to the right, when the dog comes give it a boot. Eventually you will come to the brick, pick this up and run with it until you come to the pipe (sounds a bit like Cluedo, Col.Mustard did it on Running Man with the Lead pipe (geroff)), now chuck the brick, pick up the pipe, run with pipe to right. You will then find the brick again. Put down the pipe, pick up the brick, and chuck it again, pick up the pipe and continue running right. Repeat this process of chucking the brick, putting down the pipe, pickup the brick, chuck the brick, pickup the pipe, continue right. Eventually you will get to a much needed medical pack. Collect this, then collect the brick and crawl through the metal tube that's ahead, when through, chuck the brick. Go back through the metal pipe, and pick up the pipe, then go back through the metal pipe again, with the pipe in your hand. Keep running to the right, kick the dog if necessary, chuck the break when you find it. The 'stalker' will appear, chuck the brick at him, bash him with the pipe, after you have hit him, crawl, as he can't get you if you duck and crawl, then hit him again, don't forget to kick the dog, as the dog can get you when you crawl/duck. Once killed, run for the exit (no gas this time !) LEVEL 3 Run to the medical pack and collect it, kick the dog when it comes. Keep running until you find the 'stalker'. Don't try hitting him, because if you do, you'll get electricuted, your objective now is to get past the 'stalker', if he raises his hand and fires, duck and crawl past him. If he lowers his hand and fires, just run and jump past him. Keep going to the right until you come to the brick. When the 'stalker' comes at you in his battle car, jump at it in the way it's coming at you, this way it won't knock you over. When you have found the brick collect it, throw at the 'stalker', then run or crawl towards it again, collect it and throw it at the 'stalker' again. Keep doing this until he is dead, and run for the exit. LEVEL 4 Run to the right, kick the dog until you come to the 'stalker', when you find him, keep moving about until he flys into the air (using his flame thrower as a jet pack) Now keep running about in both directions, and when he comes near punch or kick him, watch out for the flames though (duck, quack !), when his is a dead duck, go to the exit. LEVEL 5 Very simple really, keep going to the right, bashing the dog's and biffing the guards, and spiffo, you have reached the exit and finished.