Space Ace II CHEAT MODE: Type in 'HURRYDEXTER0' and hit [Return] to see the game unroll completely on it's own. Or if you want to do it yourself Scene 1 - The Goons Attack The Goons attack and Dexter must use his gun to shoot the Goons. Press the fire button when the Goons start running towards him and again when they start up the platform. Scene 2 - Yellow Monster After following Borf to a remote planet, Dexter lands the ship. But as he gets out onto the strange alien planet he is attacked by a giant yellow monster. Dexter must run to avoid his crushing grip. Scene 3 - Blue Alien Cats As he runs from the yellow monster, Dexter is ambushed by alien cats. His only hope is to change into Space Ace and overpower them. Scene 4 - Yellow Monster Appears Again The danger still lurks, however, as the yellow monster attacks again from behind a cliff. Ace must turn to confront the huge beast and use blaster to fend him off. Scene 5 - Stone Bridge Ace races across a precarious stone bridge, but the yellow monster is right on his heels. It smashes the bridge and take Ace in its crushing grip as Ace struggles to take out his laser gun. Scene 6 - Giant Monster Reaches Out Stunned by the blast, the yellow monster drops Ace, who changes into Dexter as he falls. Dexter must hurry to get away before he is grabbed again. Scene 7 - Robot Intruder Sentinel Ducking into a patch of tangled thorn bushes, Dexter finds himself inside a hallway filled with strange machinery. As he runs towards the end of the hallway, Dexter is confronted by a robot sentinel. He must jump to avoid a laser blast before making his way to the exit door. Scene 8 - Ledge To Safety Getting through the door, Dexter is standing on a ledge with a laser directly above him. He must jump to the opening at his side to keep from being shot. Scene 9 - Passing Platforms Dexter lands on a hovering platform which is immediately shot at by an unseen laser. He must avoid the blast and jump to a passing platform. Scene 10 - Machinery Tower The platform races toward a tower with no way to stop. Dexter sees ropes on either side of the tower that lead down into holes. But which hole leads to safety? Scene 11 - Beware the Dark Side Once at the bottom of the rope, Dexter finds himself hanging above a cliff ledge. To his delight, he sees Kimberly standing on the edge of the cliff. "Beware of the Dark Side," she says and suddenly turns into an exact replica of Dexter, but strangely colored and evil. Dexter must avoid the blast and attempt to shoot his evil clone. Scene 12 - Dexter Battles The Dark Side The rope snaps and Dexter falls to a lower platform. The Dark Side shoots from above. Dexter must duck under one blast and leap to safety down a nearby hole. Scene 13 - Rising Water in Hole Inside the hole, Dexter is horrified when it begins to fill with water and he can't get out. His only chance is to use his wrist-watch and transform into Space Ace. Scene 14 - The Dark Side Transforms Standing tall over the Dark clone of Dexter, Ace faces his smaller foe. But the Dark Side energies as well, growing into a Giant Ace! The giant Dark Ace takes out his gun and fires. Ace must jump onto a nearby platform to avoid being shot. Scene 15 - The Dark Ace Attacks As Ace starts running across a narrow bridge he must avoid being hit by laser blasts. He makes it across, but as Ace reaches the end of the bridge the giant Dark Ace comes out of the water and rips the bridge to pieces. Ace's only hope is to shoot the giant. Scene 16 - The Dark Ace Makes A Meal Out of Space Ace The Dark Side lifts a hunk of bridge, which Ace clings onto, towards his opening mouth. Ace must scramble away from the Dark Ace's gaping jaws. Scene 17 - Ace Avoids the Dark Ace's Mouth Standing on the hand of the giant NEMESiS (hehe...), Ace turns to face the gaping mouth of the Dark Side and has no choice but to shoot. Scene 18 - Dark Ace Shoots at Ace Realizing he can't eat Ace, the Dark Side draws his gun and aims it at the small Ace crouching in his palm. Ace must jump to a void each blast and work his way down the body of the Dark Side. Scene 19 - Rolling Head Reduced to a head, the Dark Ace falls and rools after Space Ace. Ace must avoid the snapping mouth and keep one step ahead of it or be eaten by the giant head. Scene 20 - The Station's Central Complex Dexter emerges from a portal into Borf's space complex. Lasers fire twice and Dexter must avoid the blasts. Borf has Kimberly slung across his shoulders as he rides a laser gun platform. Kimberly punches Borf in the head and Borf drops her. Dexter must leap to several ledges to avoid Borf's laser shots. Scene 21 - Ace Rescues The Falling Kimberly Dexter isn't strong enough to save the falling Kimberly and must transform into Ace before catching her in his arms. After reaching the top of the platform, Ace must shoot open a portal in the wall and guide Kimberly to safety. Scene 22 - Tunnels Exits to Waiting Space Ship Sliding down a dark tunnel, Ace must choose between two exits. Once outside he must take off quickly to avoid being eaten by a big green monster. Scene 23 - Outside the Complex Thinking they've escaped, Kim and Ace turn to kiss each other when the evil Borf emerges from inside a deep pit next to them. He shoots at Ace who must jump away. The villain snatches Kimberly as the ground gives way beneath Ace. Ace must grab the ledge to keep from falling into the pit. Scene 24 - On the Edge of the Pit Holding on to the edge of the pit, Ace must avoid the laser blasts that Borf aims at his hands, while also keeping away from a vicious monster who is trying to gobble him up from below. Scene 25 - Borf Lowers Kimberly Into Pit Borf is lowering Kimberly into the pit to be eaten by the waiting monster that lives there. Ace must reach for a nearby vine and swing across to save his love. Scene 26 - Ace Swings Across Pit To Kimberly As Ace swings to Kimberly, he must grab the vine Borf is holding and pull it to send Borf falling towards the Pit Monster. Ace must then use his momentum to carry Kimberly to the other side of the pit. Scene 27 - Safe At Last? With Borf in the belly of the Put Monster, Ace and Kimberly are finally safe... or are they? Ace must put an end to the yellow monster for good.