Denaris Docs typed by Belgarath Loading Instructions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CBM Amiga Power on your computer. When the "WORKBENCH" screen appears, insert the PROGRAM DISK into drive DF0. The program will load automatically. You will be prompted to exchange disks when required. (cracked versions are only 1 disk) Scenario ~~~~~~~~ Throughout time, man has been a victim of his own intelligence and his insatiable thirst for knowledge. The planet Denaris is a horrifying example. Scientists created machines which became so sophisticated they no longer depended on man - and so began a rule of tyranny. The Denarian people tried in vain to destroy the machines, with a mighty ballistic missile, but from the ashes of the nuclear fires, the machines rose up - more powerful than ever. Trapped in an underground stronghold, now the Denarians' only hope for freedom is the D5-H75 Eagle Fighter, an ultra refined space glider. Control the Eagle Fighter in this epic crusade against evil, and win freedom at last for Denaris. CBM Amiga Version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upon completion of loading you will be required to choose between either a 1 or 2 player game, do this with the joystick in port 2. You also have the option after playing to save your score to the HIGH SCORE TABLE. To do this ensure the data disk is NOT write protected. (Disk 1 is the program disk, disk 2 is the data disk). (Again, cracked versions are only 1 disk, and for WinUAE users it's advisable to use save states rather than save to the disk) To PAUSE the game press P, to continue playing press the FIRE button. Each player starts with 5 ships. Extra Weapons ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While travelling through the underground stronghold you are able to fuse with the following objects. . M SCATTER-SHOT . . Increases the fire-power of the player. Two, four or eight projectiles will be shot. This is dependant on the number of symbols you have already collected. >> S SPEED-UP Increases the flying speed of the player. BEWARE: A fighter that is flying too quickly cannot be well navigated. ~ B LIGHTNING BLITZ-SHOT Special lazer that is reflected off of super- structures. It is therefore a very strong weapon. N G OBJECT-SEEKER An energy-ball that automatically attacks the strongest opponent. O K PROTECTION-SATELLITE Joint-energy-ball that protects the player from an attacking shot. After one of these symbols has been collected, a joint-energy-ball follows the player from underneath. When two have been collected, another follows the player from above. Ф P POWER-SHOT If the FIRE button is pressed for a long time after the collection of one of these symbols, an energy-beam will be shot. This is a very effective weapon which temporarily blocks your normal shooting-power. In addition these weapons cannot be used with the R-Ball. O= R R-BALL A Plasma-Ball that can dock onto the player's ship. By pressing the FIRE button the ball can be released. However, direct collision with an opponent reduces the amount of energy and as a result opponents shots will not be absorbed. The R-Ball cannot be used together with the Power-Shot. © 1989 SOFTGOLD. All rights reserved. Manafactured and distributed under license from Rainbow Arts by GO! Media Holdings Limited, a division of U.S. Gold Limited, Units 2/3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7AX. Typed by Belgarath