OPERATION WOLF GAME PLAY INSTRUCTIONS DISK LOADING INSTRUCTIONS AMIGA 500 USERS Turn on the computer. When the Workbench symbol appears: Insert Disk A into the internal drive with the label facing up. The game will load automatically. Insert Disk B into the internal drive when asked by the computer. Please note: If you have two drives, insert Disk B into the external drive. AMIGA 1000 USERS Turn on the computer. Insert yout Kickstart disk. When the Workbench symbol appears, follow the instructions for Amiga 500 users. CONTROLS * IMPORTANT * Plug the mouse into Port 1 before turning on the power. This game uses an Amiga mouse. Press either mouse button to start the game. During game play: Move the gunsight in a circular motion with the mouse. Press the left mouse button to fire the machine gun. Press the right mouse button to launch grenades. Press F1 to pause the game; press F1 to resume play. HOW TO PLAY In the steamy jungles of South America, heavily armed extremists are holding innocent civilians prisoner. Little do these terrorists know that real terror is about to land on their front porch! The sound of rotor blades and staccato bursts of gunfire echo through the valleys. Terrorists be warned! Operation Wolf is going to teach you what terror is all about! Operation Wolf consists of six missions, which are displayed on the Operations Map Screen. A mission is completed when all enemy forces are reduced to zero. The current level is completed when you escape from the airport with the prisoners. Your injury level increases when the enemy hits you. The game automatically ends if the injury indicator on the right side of the screen becomes completely red. You can reduce your injury level by getting power drinks. COLLECT THESE SUPPLIES TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR OBJECTIVES Cartridge - Gives you 32 bullets. Rocket Grenade - Destroys targets in immediate range. Dynamite - Blows up enemy ground targets. Power Drinks - Reduces injury level five points. Super Bullet - Free fire power for 10 seconds. Occasionally you will see chickens, pigs, or vultures cross the screen. Shoot at them for extra weapons supplies! STATUS AND SCORING Current score, injury level, and weapons status information are displayed on the right side of the game screen. The enemy's current military strength and number of prisoners rescued are located on the bottom panel. Points are awarded for each adversary destroyed. Your injury level increases if you are struck by bullets, grenades, knives, or missiles. Bonus points are awarded for each mission completed. Prisoners appear in the Concentration Camp Mission. A prisoner is considered rescued when he successfully crosses the screen without injury. HIGH SCORE SCREEN Select letters with the mouse by pressing the left mouse button. You can choose a maximum of four letters. Press the right mouse button to select the position of the letter. Select END with the left mouse button when you are finished. CONTINUE OPTION A player can continue the current game twice. Only the Jungle and Concentration Camp Missions have this option. THE PRESIDENT'S SCREEN After completing the Airport Mission, the President gives a speech. The type of speech he gives depends upon your performance. HINTS AND TIPS * Don't fire sonstantly - preserve your ammunition. * Armored cars, gunboats and helicopters inflict the most damage. Shoot them first. * Pick up extra weapons supplies for maximum fire power. * Don't injure civilians. * Get the knife soldier before he gets the prisoner! ARE YOU READY TO DEFEND FREEDOM ? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Complete manual Scanned by The Corsair ////////////////