R-Type Typed by Belgarath A desperate battle is being fought out in the limitless and unknown dimensions of space which have been contaminated and corrupted by an evil power. The evil power is the Bydo Empire, which is determined to subjugate the world. It is inhabited by weird creatures, whose very sight inspires fear. But Mankind is fighting back, and sends you into battle in an incredibly sophisticated plane, the R-9 fighter. Behind the control panel of this fantastic fighting machine, you are Mankind's only defence against the enemy. Loading Instructions Set up your computer system as detailed in your user manual. Ensure that all non-essential peripherals - such as cartridges, printers, etc. are disconnected. Failure to do so may cause loading difficulties. If you are using an Atari ST computer with the R-Type diskette... a) Connect your disk drive to your computer (if your computer features a built-in disk drive you will not need to do this. b) Insert the R-Type diskette 'A' into disk drive A, label side up. c) Switch your TV/monitor, computer and disk drive ON. d) When prompted by the computer insert DISKETTE 'B' into disk drive A, label side up. If you are using a Commodore Amiga computer with the R-Type diskette... a) Switch your TV/monitor and computer ON. b) At the Workbench prompt, insert the R-Type diskette into disk drive DF0:, label side up. Multi-Load Instructions R-Type is a multi-load game. Each level will be loaded as you complete the previous one. This means that to enjoy continuous play you MUST keep your R-Type disk in your disk drive, at all times during a session with the game. General Instructions The movements of the R9 fighter are controlled by standard up, down, and left and right joystick movements. The weapons are controlled by the fire button; holding down fire will build up the strength of firepower until the button is released. Weapons are increased or modified by shooting one of the enemy craft which reveals jewels. Collecting a jewel is rewarded by the addition of one of the following weapons: REFLECTION LASER ANTI AIRCRAFT LASER GROUND LASTER HOMING MISSILES EXTRA SPEED SHIELD ORBS The first jewel collected also releases a special weapon, the Force, which can be attached to the front or rear of the R9 fighter, sent ahead to clear a path, or behind as a rearguard. The Force is equipped with its own lasers. The SPACE BAR will be used to release this weapon. At the start of each new game of R-Type five credits are given. While credits are still available the player may continue a game from the level attained in the previous game by pressing the fire button during an on-screen countdown. Controls For Atari ST Owners The game is controlled by joystick in port 1. The Force is detached and retrieved by pressing SPACE. PAUSE - F10 MUSIC ON/OFF - F1 For Commodore Amiga Owners PAUSE - P The game is controlled by joystick in port 1. The Force is detached and retrieved by pressing SPACE Typed by Belgarath