RICK DANGEROUS Typed in by THE TWINS OF TRILOGY. Edited by PARASITE. Rick is equipped with: The Dynamite This may be laid in order to trigger traps, blow away walls, enemies and generally do some damage, to allow our hero to continue his quest. This also hasthe added feature of being VERY DANGEROUS when lit, so our hero must get away from it as quickly as possible before it detonates! The Big Stick May be used to: Jab the enemy with your stick. The Gun This fires bullets! There will be a limit to the number of bullets that this holds. By killing a nastie a bonus may be left behind which when collected will replenish the supply. This means the player may have to go back and put himself yet again in danger. Use your ammunition wisely remember the gun is often a trigger to activate a trap, rather than to just kill the enemy. Traps Inavoiding traps be resourceful like Rick. The traps are devious. You may need your stick, gun, dynamite or simply your wits to survive, depending on the nature of the trap. There are no instructions as how each trap is triggered or avoided so be careful - think ahead, things are not always what they seem........ JOYSTICK CONTROLS Without Fire Button Depressed. Pushing the joystick left and right causes Rick to walk left or right. Pushing the joystick up causes Rick to jump into the air. Pushing the joystick up and to the left or right causes Rick to jump in that direction. Pulling the joystick down causes Rick to duck down. Pulling the joystick down and to the left or right causes Rick to crawl along the ground in that direction. With Fire Button Depressed Pushing the joystick left or right causes Rick to use his short stick. Used for pushing buttons or stunning Rick`s enemies. Pushing the joystick up causes Rick to fire his gun in the direction he is facing. Pulling the joystick down causes Rick to light and drop a stick of Dynamite. KEYBOARD CONTROLS Colour ON/OFF.....Space Bar - Pressing the space bar while the title screen is being displayed will turn the colour off, for that realistic 1945 look! Quit to start.................................Escape Pause ON/OFF.......................................P