ROADKILL Roadkill is not a racing game it is a blood sport, only the most twisted, psychotic, murdering drivers are left to compete. It`s not the money but the adrenaline of murdering your opponents in cold blood that will see you become the Roadkill champion. THE CIRCUITS LEVEL 1: TURBO DEATH CHALLENGE LEVEL 2: MAXIMUM OVERKILL GRAND PRIX LEVEL 3: BADLANDS MEGA SMASH LEVEL 4: ROADKILL ELIMINATOR CONTROLS CD32 CONTROLLER RED: ACCELERATE BLUE: ROCKETS & MISSILES SHOULDERS: GEAR CHANGING PAUSE: VISIT THE FRIDGE JOYSTICK / KEYBOARD Joystick requires keyboard for extra controls. As the arrow keys can also be used to steer, left and right handed controls have been implemented: Rockets & Missiles: SPACE OR KEYPAD "O" or button 2 on Sega joystick Pause: P Change Up: Q or KEYPAD "-" Change Down: A or KEYPAD "+" IN GAME POWER UPS [S] Speed Up - Turbo powers your machine to greater top end speed [T] Traction - Eliminates car sliding for 10 seconds [SA] Super Armour - Decreases damage and increases violence [D] Deflector - Deflects enemy missiles and stops mines detonating [RK] Roadkill - 20 RK symbols gets you all the above [A] Armour - Decreases your damage by one point [||] Rockets - Straight firing medium damage rockets [M] Missiles - Homing missiles, high damage [$] Cash - 20 cash symbols and double the jackpot [+] First Aid - Full damage repair [ST] Super Traction - Same as traction, but lasts for 20 seconds [SD] Super Deflector - Missile deflection, lasts for 20 seconds [*||*] Super Missiles - Normal Missiles except you get 4 of them! ON TRACK HELP / HAZARDS PITSTOPS: Stop if your damage is critical, or else you die! MINES: Detonate when driven over, ......don`t......!!!! KILLZONES: Drive opposition into spikes for grizzly death! JUMPS: Lose control but most often will avoid much worse SPEED BUMPS: Spin out (see CD animation) CANONS: Armour piercing? Watch out! SHORTCUTS: Often fraught with danger but you could save some time... ISLANDS: Just like the real thing, avoid or spill your drink..... LASER WALLS: Very very nasty... RAM WALLS: Perfect for slamming your opponents into, usually quite handy HINTS & TIPS A common mistake playing Roadkill is to ignore the Pitstops. If your armour is low, a quick pitstop will enable your lightning fast crew of mech-droids to repair your machine. Risking death by racing with maximum damage is for the mentally impaired. Want to get rich? Driving with an agressive attitude is the only approach to earning big bucks. Break up with your girlfriend, leave your wallet in the arcade then start a brawl at the pub. Overloading the adrenaline glands before competing in Roadkill will help you earn jackpot after jackpot of filthy blood bucks. Want to survive? Get out in front and stay there. Although opportunities for achieving maximum roadkills will be less you are more likely to finish alive. Want to die a violent and painful death? If yes then ....... Roadkill is your game.!!