BART VS THE WORLD From ACCLAIM Typed By -* CRAIG/CRYSTAL *- Supplied By -* CRAIG/CRYSTAL *- Cracked By -* I.B.M/CRYSTAL *- The world-wide Krusty Treasure Hunt works in two ways. Bart's primary goal is to collect the numerous cheap Krusty items that are scattered throughout the countries he visits. The second part of the Treasure Hunt concerns the rare one of a kind Krusty licensed products. One of these items is hidden in each level of a country. Sound simple? If only it were that easy. You see, the art contest was actualy a phoney set up by its sponsor and judge, Mr Montgomery Burns, Springfield's shady nuclear power plant owner. Sure, the whole scheme cost him a small fortune, but in the end, it'll be worth it. Because if all goes well, the simpsons won't be coming back - ever. Burns has been losing millions of dollars for years, ever since Simpson was hired to work at the plant. Once Burns' loyal yes-man, Smithers, reminded him of this fact, Burns' course of action became clear ; in order to save his fortune, the Simpsons had to be whiped off the face of the Earth! And since he naturally needs to keep his hands clean of such matters, Burns has enlisted his ruthless relatives around the world to help get the job done. * GETTING STARTED AMIGA/ST: Turn on the computer and immediately insert disk. The game will load and run automatically. * THE CONTROLS JoYsTiCk CLIMB/JUMP /|\ | MOVE LEFT <--------O--------> MOVE RIGHT | \|/ DUCK! Press button - shoot/jump Up - fly whilst Bartman P on keyboard - pause P then ESC - quit * ARE WE THERE YET? To begin a game, press the BUTTON when the title screen appears and the introduction screens will appear. The BUTTON will move quickly through these screens. Press the SPACEBAR to bypass the introduction screens and go directly to the first Map Screen. ThE MaP ScReEnS Each country the Simpsons visit consists of a combination of gameplay levels and Single-screen games. These levels and games are represented by icons on the Map Screens that introduce each world. To move the hand-pointer, use the Joystick. To enter a level or game, press the button once the hand-pointer is on the desired icon. To exit a Single-Screen game at any time (even if you haven't finished playing it) press ESCAPE, which returns you to that country's Map Screen. NOTE: Each country's levels have a fixed order. You won't be able to enter a level until you've completed the level that precedes it. In order to complete a country, you must finish all the gameplay levels. You may play the Single-Screen games as often as you wish until you've won. IMPORTANT: To exit a gameplay level, look for the "MAP" sign located somewhere within the level. When a level or a game has been completed, it will fade on the Map Screen and you won't be able to return to it. When you've finished all of a country's levels and have returned to the Map Screen, move the hand-pointer to the exit icon, which is now highlighted. Then prepare to meet the Burns boss. NOTE: Until a country's gameplay levels are completed, the Exit icon will be faded and will not work. * THE STATUS AREA The Status Area you updated on Bart's lives, the number of shots he has remaining and his energy. NOTE: Bart's current of lives can be viewed at any time during gameplay by pausing (pressing P). * WEAPONS Thanks to his trusty firecracker balls, Bart can shoot at almost everything: enemies, objects being thrown at him, or obstacles blocking his way. * CHEAP KRUSTY COLLECTIBLES They're mass-produced and all over the place. Collect as many as you can. Some are hidden, some are out in the open and some require action on Bart's part to reveal them. So look everywhere. You'll also receive these cheap Krusty's as a reward for winning a Single-Screen game. Amounts vary from game to game. ONE OF A KIND KRUSTY MERCHANDISE These items are the real treasures of this trip. They're rare and unique and there's only one in each level of a country. Bart's too busy trying to stay alive, so look to the other Simpsons to help him find this stuff. * LIVES ON THE ROAD Bart starts out with 3 lives. He can sustain 5 hits per life. The fifth time Bart is hit, he loses a life. Bart will lose one full life any time he falls into any body of water or liquid, or if he plunges into a bottomless pit. Grape Squishees, Bart's favourite Kwik-E-Mart drink, add extra power to his power meter. * THE HEAD OF JEBEDIAH SPRINGFIELD If Bart touches the head of Springfield's founding father, he'll flash and become invincible for a short period of time. Keep in mind though, that falls into bottomless pits and bodies of water can still take away a life. * BARTMAN There's a Krusty collectible just out of reach. You need to get somewhere in a hurry. This looks like a job for Bartman! All Bart needs to do transform into his super-heroic alterego is to find the Bartman hood + cape icon. He'll have the power of flight with the help of the joystick and the button. * SINGLE SCREEN GAMES You'll find them in every world. Play them as often as you like until you win. They pay off in cheap Krusty collectibles. SLOT MACHINE Line up 3 of the same Simpsons characters to hit the jackpot. Press the button to stop each spinning window and land the character of your choice. All it takes is a one-finger press to deafeat this one-armed bandit. MOE'S Moe's gone west! Keep Bart hopping with the button to avoid Moe's sliding obstacles and to collect the cheap Krusty items as they go by. Use the joystick to move Bart, but he can only collide one time before you have to try again, partner. FIND THE BATS If Bart opens the coffins in the correct order, he'll find the bats and win 3 Krusty collectibles. Move Bart over to a coffin and press the button to open it. Guess wrong and Bart'll be sorry. NOTE: Pressing ESCAPE will quit from Single Screen Game back to Map screen. ****************** TYPED BY : CRAIG/CRYSTAL!