Strikes - N - Spares Pro Supplemental Manual Copyright 1995 Beyond Entertainment GETTING STARTED The "BE" disk is now bootable, so it is no longer necessary to run the "Make boot disk" script. To install on your hard drive, follow the steps outlined in the Strikes- N-Spares manual. If you've alreaady installed Strikes-N-Spares on your hard drive, it wont be necessary to run the "Install Fonts" Script. Although, it wont hurt anything to run it again if you are not sure. For users with only 512k chip memory, you'll probably have to run Strikes- N-Spares Pro from floppy. It may be possible to run it from your hard drive; but you will need around 400k of chip ram to do so. CHANGES Computer Bowlers You may now choose from three different computer bowlers. Easy -Usually averages under 100. Medium -Bowls in the area of 150. Hard -Almost always bowls over 200. SETTINGS You may notice three new buttons while bowling. These buttons are simply labeled one, two and three. These buttons are your settings buttons. This allows you to set up three diffferents balls whose information will be stored on disk. Each time you run Strikes-N-Spares Pro, you will have the same ball settings as the last time you played. PLAY AGAIN After playing one full game, you will be prompted to play again or return to the main menu. Selecting play again will result in playing a new set of games with the same players. SETUP MENU Selecting the setup button from the main menu will prompt you with three choices: Roster, Prefs and Exit. ROSTER When you enter the player info screen, you'll notice a few new items. There is now a graph of your last twenty scores. There are also three buttons: one, two and three. They correspond to the identical buttons that are in the game itself. Clicking on these buttons changes the color of the balls. PREFS Markers on/off -Turns on and off the lane markers. Pin Setter on/off -Turns the pin setter on and off. Sound none/some/all -Selects between no sound, only bowling sounds and all sounds.