___/__ ___/____ ______ _____/\__ __ /\/ / \_/ /___ \\ ___ \ / ___/ /_ \/ / ___/ /_/ /\_ //___/ /\/_/ // / / / \ / _//_ /\_// / ___/_/ / __// / / / / / _/ / /___/// / /__/\ \ / /__/ / _/ // \___// / ____/ \ \//___/[SP]\/ \/ \/ \/ SUPERCARS II For SUPERCARS II the creators of LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE have taken the original features of Supercars and added a vast array of new features and choices. These have made this the best ever overhead racing game available on home computer. RACING As you begin each season, you will have a set amount of money, and a Supercar. Throughout the season you will need to re-invest your winnings to buy a better Supercar and weaponry in order to keep your place in the championship. In the races, a player must finish in the top five in order to score points and win money. If the player fails to finish in the top 5, then the player will be disqualified and will be prevented from completing the season. During the races, a player is allowed to use any means at their disposal, such as missiles, rams, barriers or anything, to advantage to first place. Beware though, you're not the only one with weapons. Your position when you finish a race will determine your starting position for the next, which will be in reverse order to your finishing position. Finish first, for example, and you will start the next race in tenth position, finish ninth and you will start the next race in second, and so on. MAIN OPTION MENU On loading the game the player will be presented with the main options menu, on which the following choices will be offered. Move your joystick up and down to highlight the option you wish to change, and then move it left and right to change it. Press 'Fire' to exit. LEVELS Easy Medium or Hard There are three levels of difficulty, each made up of seven different tracks. If you haven't played the game before we suggest that you start on the easy level. On the hard level both tracks and other drivers are more dangerous than in the earlier stages. When you are for the more difficult levels, choosing them will give you a more powerful and better armed car to start the level with. There are three different types of circuit: 1. Snow. 2. Grass. 3. Rocks and heather. Each type of circuit will effect the handling of your Supercar in different ways. We'll leave it for you to find out just how the handling is effected. NUMBER OF PLAYERS There is a one or two player option. Choosing the one player option will present you with a full screen game, whilst two player will show the game in split screen mode. Player One Under this option there is a line which reads "PLAYER ONE". To enter your name simply move the pointer over this line and type your name. This is followed by the control method option, which allows you to choose between pressing "FIRE TO ACCELERATE", and "FIRE TO BRAKE". In fire to accelerate, removing your finger from the fire button will act as a brake, and with the fire button to brake, acceleration is automatic, and pressing fire will brake the car. Try both options to choose the best for you. The "FIRE TO BRAKE" option allows for harder braking, for example, which you might or might not prefer. Player Two This offers the same options as player one, with an additional one offering a choice of joystick or keyboard controls. The relevent keyboard keys will be detailed later. Continue Game If you are in two player mode, then there is a choice of two methods of playing the game. In order to progress to the next race, a player must finish in the top five. In two player mode, you are offered a choice of both drivers forward if only one driver finishes in the top five, or just carrying forward the driver that just finished in the top five, and thus ending the game of the other driver. CONTROLS Joystick Left. Turn left. Right. Turn right. Forward. Activate front weapon. Backwards. Activate rear weapon. Fire. Accerate of brake, depending on mode Keyboard The following keys correspond to the appropriate joystick controls Z. Turn left. X. Turn right. Space. Fire. L. Forward. Comma. Backwards. REPAIRING YOUR SUPERCAR Following a race, a section will appear which allows you to repair damage to your supercar, and load up with fresh missiles and weapons for the next race. The first one will allow you to repair your supercar. If you dont wish to carry out any repairs, click 'OK' to go to the next screen On the repair screen you will find a list of repairs available to you. If you can afford a repair you want simply move the pointer over it and press fire. A damage bar at the bottom of the screen will indicate how effective the repair has been. You can carry out as many repairs as you can afford. Once you have done all the repairs you want to do click on 'OK' to move onto the next screen. In two player mode, both players will fix their Supercars in turn before moving onto the next screen, the trade screen. THE TRADE SCREEN On this screen there are five icons at the bottom, "BUY","SELL","OK","FRONT" and "REAR". There are a few rules here. First you must choose "FRONT" or "REAR" , which will decide where there weapon will be on your Supercar, and what joystick move/keypress will bring it into action,. You are only allowed two different types of weapons per race, but the only limit on the number of any particular type of weapon you buy is the money you have. Picking wether "BUY" or "SELL" will put you into the appropriate mode. Clicking on any item will allow you to buy or sell. You can only buy an item if you have enough money. If you are selling missiles then the price you are offered will not be as high as the shop selling price. Prices do fluctuate quite dramatically sometimes, and it is possible with a little practice to actually speculate. Buying a load of missile when then are very cheap, and then selling them back once their price has increased for example, will increase the funds available to you. Counters will indicate the price, and how many missiles you currently have. The equipment that you will be offered is: FRONT MISSILES: Missiles that will shoot straight out in front of you until they hit something. Pretty accurate , but they can be dodged with a little practice. REAR MISSILES: As above, but they remove the opposition behind you. HOMING MISSILES: Very deadly. They will home in on the nearest car to you, and blast it to pieces. SUPER MISSILES: This one rotates round your car Supercar destroying anything that gets close to you. MINES: These are dropped onto the track, and will explode after a few seconds, destroying anything that is in close proximinity. TURBO BOOST: This will give your Supercar a massive but short lived turbo boost. It will allow you to jump over a car infront of you, or to jump a bridge even if you cant get a run up. ARMOUR: Provides you with some protection against the rigourous onslaught from other vehicles. It is available in three grades, each obviously more effective then the last. BATTERING RAM: Again available in three levels, this will allow you to damage and destroy other vehicles by smashing into them. ENGINE TURBO: This will increase the top speed of your Supercar, and again available in three grades. Clicking on "OK" will leave this screen. CONVERSATION SCREENS These will appear randomly after a race, featuring the following people: Department of Transport Inspector, Policeman, Enviromental Health Officer, Journalist, Sponser and Solicitor. In each instance, they will ask you a question, and you will be offered a choice of three answers. Choosing the correct answer will increase your points or money, or will reduce a fine. It's up to you to work out which are the correct answers. THE END =======