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Retro Game of the Day Archive - May 2020

01st May 2020

Time Crisis - Crisis Zone (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

HuskyMuffin24 says:
An awesome title that was exclusive in the arcades, when I was a teenager (25 now). I've bonded my love for shooters again, with my mouse & keyboard subistituting for a lightgun, & it's awesome. You should download this, if you feel like playing a decent shooter. I reccommend Time Crisis 2 before ...

User Rating: 4.6/5.00

02nd May 2020

Lords of the Realm 2 (1996)(Sierra Online)

Abandonware Game

As the game begins, the king has died and 5 nobles (including yourself) are vying for control of the realm, including the noble Baron, the headstrong Knight, the ice princess The Countess, and the backstabbing Bishop. You have to hold on to your counties by building larger castles and keeping the ...

User Rating: 4.16/5.00

03rd May 2020

Jungle Book, The (USA)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

alexfred693 says:
For a disney movie based game, it's all right. The platforming is good and the weapons are unique. The graphics are decent and a lot of the soundtrack follows the movie's music It's not easy though, so be up for a challenge.

User Rating: 4.61/5.00

04th May 2020

Rockman EXE Battlechip GP (J)(Eurasia)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

DeriLoko1 says:
Rockman EXE Battlechip GP(J)(Eurasia), also known as Megaman Battle Chip Challenge, is an action-packed(almost RPG) game featuring RockMan.EXE, Netto Hikari, Roll.EXE, Mayl Sakurai, GutsMan.EXE, Dekao, Glyde.EXE, Yai, ProtoMan.EXE, Enzan, TurboMan.EXE, Kai, Ring.EXE, Mary, and many more characters in ...

User Rating: 4.4/5.00

05th May 2020

Kings Quest Vii (1993)(Sierra Online)

Abandonware Game

King's Quest VII follows the adventures of Queen Valanice and her daughter, Rosella. The gameplay is divided into 6 chapters and alternates between multiple protaginists. KQ7 features cartoon-like animation sequences and a 'magic' pointer that lights up when you mouse over an object. The gameplay of ...

User Rating: 4.54/5.00

06th May 2020

Sakura Wars - So Long, My Love (USA) (Disc 2) (Japanese Voice Over)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

yoshemahino says:
We have seen many SRPGs in our time. Some were extraordinary and some were not so great. Though most SRPGs make you grind through their battle system to power up your characters, Sakura Wars revolutionizes this by combining Sim elements into the SRPG. No longer shall the game dictate what the player ...

User Rating: 4.49/5.00

07th May 2020

R-Type (USA)

PC Engine - TurboGrafx16 ROM

Mad Rabbit says:
This is without a doubt the best of the console ports of R-Type. Irem once again proved that the TG-16 was up to the challenge of arcade replication, and boy, did they do it in style. The Turbografx-16 port is almost identical to the arcade version, with only some minor loss in graphic detail, and ...

User Rating: 4.6/5.00

08th May 2020

Road Rash 3 (USA) (Alpha)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

Road Rash III says:
This is a great game which puts you behind the handlebars of many different bikes as you progress through each race, getting you money to buy not just new bikes but other helpful upgrades, including fast but dangrous nitros!The most fun part of the game arguably is battling with the other riders using ...

User Rating: 4.67/5.00

09th May 2020

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

subnaree says:
In this game, you mount your flying brooms and engage in the most famous sport in the Harry Potter universe: Gather points by scoring goals, avoid the fierce projectiles being hurled at your players, and wait for the game-deciding snitch to appear (then fight an exciting race trying to catch it).  After ...

User Rating: 4.5/5.00

10th May 2020

Blitz - The League (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

moorish rule says:
Best football game ever. Illegal hits, broken bones and illegal substances.

User Rating: 4.37/5.00

11th May 2020

Batman (Japan)

PC Engine - TurboGrafx16 ROM

TheGoofDaddy says:
Batman never translates well into video games, with Batman often just being a nice coat of paint over a game that could have had ANY protagonist character. This game is no exception. You play of course as Batman in a very Pac-Mac like setting. Your objective is to navigate a labyrinth of corridors avoiding ...

User Rating: 3.76/5.00

12th May 2020

Maniac Mansion (USA)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

Thrillho says:
Maniac Mansion is the 1987 graphic adventure game that was developed and published by Lucasfilm Games. The game follows teenager Dave Miller as he ventures into a mansion and attempts to rescue his girlfriend from an evil mad scientist whose family has been controlled by a sentient meteor that crashed ...

User Rating: 4.9/5.00

13th May 2020

Dragon Ball GT Volume 1 - Gameboy Advance Video (U)(Rising Sun)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
The Game Boy Advance video cartridges were an attempt at making TV shows portable via the GBA. It was pretty impressive back in the day, but they're obsolete by now.

User Rating: 4.24/5.00

14th May 2020

Arkanoid - Doh It Again (USA)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

Travailius says:
Just your basic breakout clone. Controls a bit stiff, playable, but rather boring. Has some orginal story elements, but its rather dull for an SNES game.

User Rating: 4.82/5.00

15th May 2020

Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep (Japan)


James says:
"It was an awakening that would signal the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts saga. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the tale of a new trio of heroes, told across three scenarios utilizing the groundbreaking technology of the PSP. Exciting new features are introduced on top of the traditional controls, ...

User Rating: 4.21/5.00

16th May 2020

Art of Fighting (1994)(SNK)(Jp)[!][Ryuuko no Ken]

Neo-Geo CD ISO

hal-9000 says:
The first game in SNK's Art of Fighting series. A decent fighter, with scaling effects and average music. In one player mode you can choose to play as Ryo or Robert and attempt to fight the CPU in a campaign mode, but beware- the CPU can be quite difficult. In two-player mode, two can duke it out against ...

User Rating: 4.46/5.00

17th May 2020

Download (Japan)

PC Engine - TurboGrafx16 ROM

gimenezjorgeluis999 says:
Amazing futuristic side-scrolling shooter. Great graphics and good animations

User Rating: 4.44/5.00

18th May 2020

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1 (J)(Eurasia)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
A game based on the card game with a few minor changes to the rules. The opponents are characters from the anime.

User Rating: 4.32/5.00

19th May 2020

Ys - The Ark of Napishtim (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

Kain_Xinth says:
This game right here is what sold me on the PS2. I played a demo in a store well over a decade ago now and I almost instantly fell in love with it. Thus sparked my love of the Ys series of games. If you've followed the series, you'll know that this poor bastard has been shipwrecked or otherwise lost ...

User Rating: 4.79/5.00

20th May 2020

Final Fight 3 (USA) (Beta)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

Red Angel1 says:
Final Fight 3 incorporates new movements, improved graphics and a mode where the CPU controls the second player where the co-op mode is used.

User Rating: 4.44/5.00

21st May 2020

Namco Museum Vol.4 [NTSC-U]

Sony Playstation ISO

iSklcndykid says:
Volume 4 for the PlayStation features:Pac-Land (1984)Assault (1988)Ordyne (1988)The Return of Ishtar (1986) - the sequel to The Tower of DruagaGenpei TŨma Den (1986) - renamed Genji and the Heike ClansAssault Plus (1988) - as a hidden game.The usual "museum mode" was included. Genpei TŨma ...

User Rating: 4.17/5.00

22nd May 2020

Rally Cross [U]

Sony Playstation ISO

LeftyGuitar says:
Rally Cross is an off-road racing game. It features different off-road vehicles that have different stats. New vehicles and tracks can be unlocked by racing and progressing through season modes of the game. The game also features a hard-rock guitar based soundtrack. The physics in the game, while not ...

User Rating: 4.34/5.00

23rd May 2020

Road Rash 64 (Europe)

Nintendo 64 ROM

DeRaza360 says:
For those of you who remember the original Road Rash, I am proud to say that this edition has stuck true to bludgeoning police officers over the head with a bat while travelling at 200 m/h. For those new to the series,  it's pretty easy to pick up and play, which is especially handy in the extensive ...

User Rating: 4.27/5.00

24th May 2020

Dot Hack Part 2 - Mutation (USA) (En,Ja)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

LeftyGuitar says:
Dot Hack - Mutation is the follow up to infection. The story still focuses on the main Kite. As he tries to find more answers. The gameplay is mostly the same with action RPG and dungeon crawling elements. The camera is still an issue, but again manageable. Graphically, the game looks similar and the ...

User Rating: 4.72/5.00

25th May 2020

Gameboy Wars Advance 1+2 (J)(Caravan)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

LucarioFan36 says:
Advance Wars is a strategy game where players must capture buildings and destroy enemy units to advance in the game. This Japan exclusive features both of the Japanese versions of Advance Wars 1 and 2.

User Rating: 4.81/5.00

26th May 2020

Gradius II (Japan)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

SalandreJerenity989 says:
Gradius II is a side-scrolling shooter and one of NES' greatest gems. You control a ship called the Vic Viper and blast through enemies to save the planet Gradius.

User Rating: 4.47/5.00

27th May 2020

Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken (Japan)

Nintendo 64 ROM

Iamerror says:
Banjo and Kazooie team up to save his sister Tooty from the evil witch Grunty. Grunty wants to extract Tooty's beauty so she can be pretty. A fun game that's not as childish as it seems. There's some adult humor sprinkled in good measure.

User Rating: 4.54/5.00

28th May 2020

Road Fighter (Japan)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

LeftyGuitar says:
Road Fighter is a racing game. The object is the game is to finish the race before you run out of fuel. You will be able to pick up fuel along the way, so you won't run out. Along the track there are hazards, twists and turns and other cars that you can run into. Crashing keeps you from moving, but you're ...

User Rating: 4.69/5.00

29th May 2020

Action 52 (USA) (Unl)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

Windreader says:
This compilation game for the Genesis is often overlooked for its older brother. Action 52 contains 52 games on one cartridge, each varying significantly on quality and fun. You get a mixed variety of content ranging from Puzzle Games to Action Platformers. It was released by Active Enterprises in 1993, ...

User Rating: 2.9/5.00

30th May 2020

2020 Super Baseball (Set 1)

Neo Geo ROM

hal-9000 says:
A futuristic baseball game with one and two-player modes. Choose a league, then a team, and play ball at SNK Stadium. This game is good fun between friends, but beware: the CPU can be brutal on single player mode. While playing, you can press button 4 to bring up a menu, which lets you use money gained ...

User Rating: 4.54/5.00

31st May 2020

Bonk's Revenge (USA)

PC Engine - TurboGrafx16 ROM

TheGoofDaddy says:
The second Bonk game in the series, Bonk's Revenge is a side scrolling platformer in which the player must complete levels using gained power-ups and a bit of old fashioned platforming skill. Gamers of any experience level can enjoy this title. This gamer feels it is the most balanced in the series.

User Rating: 4.6/5.00

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