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Palace of Magic (198x)(Martin Howard) [SSD]Palace Of Magic (198x)(Superior Software) [UEF]Palace Of Magic (198x)(Superior Software)[a] [UEF]Palace Of Magic (198x)(Superior Software)[b][disk] [UEF]Palace Of Magic (198x)(Superior Software)[t] [UEF]Pandemonium (1985)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Panik (1987)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]Paperboy (198x)(Elite Systems) [SSD]Paperboy (198x)(Elite Systems)[b] [UEF]Paperboy (198x)(Elite Systems)[t] [UEF]Paras (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien) [UEF]Paul Daniel's Magic Show (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]PCW Games Collection - Robotank (198x)(PCW) [UEF]Pedro (1984)(Gemini Games) [UEF]Peeko-Computer (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Peg Leg (1983)(IJK Software) [UEF]Pengi (198x)(Visions) [UEF]Pengwyn (198x)(Postern) [UEF]Percy Penguin (1984)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Percy Penguin (1984)(Superior Software-Acornsoft)[a] [UEF]Percy Penguin (1984)(Superior Software) [UEF]Percy Penguin (1984)(Superior Software)[a] [UEF]Percy Penguin (1984)(Superior Software)[a2] [UEF]Perplexity (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [SSD]Perplexity (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Pettigrew's Diary (198x)(Shards Software) [UEF]Phantom Combat (198x)(Doctor Soft) [UEF]Pharaoh's Tomb (198x)(-) [UEF]Philosopher's Quest (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Philosopher's Stone, The (1986)(Potter Programs) [UEF]Pinball (1983)(Mycrobyte Software) [UEF]Pinball Arcade (198x)(-) [UEF]Pipe Mania (1988-89)(Entertainment International-Lucasfilm Ltd.) [UEF]Pipeline (1988)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Pipeline (1988)(Superior Software-Acornsoft)[t] [UEF]Plan B (1987)(Bug-Byte-Argus Press Software) [UEF]Plan B 2 - Mission Unlikely (1987)(Argus Press Software) [UEF]Plan B 2 - Mission Unlikely (1987)(Argus Press Software)[t] [UEF]Plane Crash (1986)(Labyrinth Software) [UEF]Planetoid (1984)(Acornsoft) [SSD]Plunder (1984)(CCS-Vampyre Software) [UEF]Plus One Joystick Utility (198x)(Micro Power) [UEF]Podd (198x)(ASK-Softech Services) [UEF]Poker (1986)(Duckworth) [UEF]Pony Express (198x)(Holl-Soft) [UEF]Pool Hall (198x)(J. Keyne) [UEF]Positron (1983)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Positron (1983)(Partis-Soft) [SSD]Positron (1983)(Partis-Soft)[b] [UEF]Predator (198x)(Superior Software-Activision) [UEF]Predator (19xx)(Superior Software-Activision) [SSD]Progolf (1988)(Atlantis Software) [UEF]Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [SSD]Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Psycastria 2 (1988)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Psycastria 2 (1988)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.)[a] [UEF]

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