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Game Name:Average Rating
Emerald Mines (1994)(Almathera)[!][CD32-CDTV][CDD4410]5.0000
Exile (1995)(Audiogenic)(M3)[!]5.0000
Guardian (1994)(Acid)[!][10325611]5.0000
Heimdall 2 (1994)(Core)[!]5.0000
Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition (1994)(MicroProse)(M4)[!]5.0000
International Karate + (1994)(System 3)[!]5.0000
James Pond 2 - Robocod (1993)(Millennium)[!]5.0000
Last Ninja 3 (1994)(System 3)[!]5.0000
Liberation - Captive II v2.00b-2.00 (1993-12-08)(Mindscape)[!][CDD2955]5.0000
Lost Vikings, The (1993)(Interplay)[!]5.0000
Mean Arenas (1993)(ICE)[!]5.0000
Morph (1993)(Millennium)[!]5.0000
Myth - History in the Making (1994)(System 3)[!]5.0000
Overkill & Lunar-C (1993)(Mindscape)(M4)[!][compilation]5.0000
Premiere (1994)(Core)[!]5.0000
Project-X SE & F17 Challenge (1993)(Team 17)(M5)[!][compilation][CDD3187]5.0000
Roadkill (1994)(Acid)[!][CDD4971]5.0000
Seek & Destroy (1993)(Mindscape)[!]5.0000
Sensible Soccer - European Champions v1.1 (1993)(Renegade)(M4)[!]5.0000
Shadow Fighter (1995)(Gremlin)[!]5.0000
Skeleton Krew (1995)(Core)(M4)[!]5.0000
Sports Football (1993)(Commodore)[!]5.0000
Star Crusader (1994)(Gametek)[!][Amiga-CD32]5.0000
Striker (1994)(Gremlin)(M4)[!]5.0000
Subwar 2050 (1994)(MicroProse)(M3)[!]5.0000
Super League Manager (1995)(Audiogenic)[!]5.0000
Super Methane Bros (1994)(Apache)[!][BR00245-01]5.0000
Super Skidmarks v2.2 (1995)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][GH 1 10 AUG 95]5.0000
Super Stardust (1994)(Team 17)[!]5.0000
Theme Park (1995)(Mindscape)[!]5.0000
Top Gear 2 (1994)(Gremlin)[!]5.0000
Trivial Pursuit - The CD32 Edition v1.0C (1994)(Domark)[!]5.0000
UFO - Enemy Unknown (1993)(MicroProse)(M3)[!]5.0000
Ultimate Body Blows & Project-X SE (1994)(Team 17)[!][compilation]5.0000
Whale's Voyage (1994)(Flair)[!][CDD2736]5.0000
Alfred Chicken (1993)(Mindscape)[!]5.0000
ATR - All Terrain Racing (1995)(Team 17)(M4)[!]5.0000
Battle Chess (1994)(Interplay)[!]5.0000
Beneath a Steel Sky (1994)(Virgin)(M4)[!]5.0000
Big 6, The (1994)(Codemasters)(en-de)[!][compilation]5.0000
Brian the Lion (1994)(Psygnosis)(M4)[!]5.0000
Brutal Football (1994)(Millennium)[!]5.0000
Bubba 'N' Stix (1994)(Core)[!]5.0000
Bubble and Squeak (1994)(Audiogenic)[!]5.0000
Castles II - Siege & Conquest (1993)(Interplay)[!]5.0000
Chuck Rock (1994)(Core)[!]5.0000
Clue!, The (1994)(Neo)[!]5.0000
Dangerous Streets (1993)(Flair)(M4)[!]5.0000
Deep Core v1.01 (1993)(ICE)[!][CDD2998]5.0000
Dennis (1993)(Ocean)[!]5.0000
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