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List of all Sega CD ISOs
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Game Name:Average Rating
Sonic CD (U)4.64
Snatcher (U)4.92
Sonic CD (Europe)4.69
Shining Force CD (U)4.69
Final Fight CD (U)4.64
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - The Second Cataclysm (U)4.37
Earthworm Jim - Special Edition (U)4.83
Popful Mail (U)4.82
Lunar - The Silver Star (U)4.88
Robo Aleste (U)4.77
Lunar - Eternal Blue (U)4.92
Fifa International Soccer (U)3.47
Amazing Spider-Man Vs The Kingpin, The (U)4.53
Eternal Champions - Challenge from the Dark Side (U)4.74
Mortal Kombat (U)4.53
Terminator, The (U)4.75
Road Rash (U)4.5
Supreme Warrior (32X) (U)5
Flink (U)5
Keio Flying Squadron (U)4.89
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (U)4.87
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Eye of the Beholder (U)4.76
Night Trap (32X) (U)4.2
Heart of the Alien - Out of This World Part I & II (U)4.62
Flashback - The Quest For Identity (U)4.87
Silpheed (U)4.75
Night Trap (U)4.75
Batman Returns (U)4.47
Ecco the Dolphin (U)4.93
Lords of Thunder (U)4.48
Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures Of Mickey Mouse (U)4.17
Dark Wizard (U)4.82
Android Assault - The Revenge of Bari-Arm (U)4.65
Dragon's Lair (U)4.73
Road Avenger (U)4.43
Vay (U)4.78
Adventures Of Batman & Robin (U)4.55
Lethal Enforcers (U)4.2
Star Wars - Rebel Assault (U)4.83
After Burner 3 (U)4.43
Fatal Fury Special (U)4.92
Sol-Feace (U)4.67
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (U)4.61
Soul Star (U)4.9
Rise of the Dragon (U)3.72
Microcosm (U)4.5
Dracula Unleashed (U)4.42
Masked Rider, The - Kamen Rider ZO (U)4.42
Ecco - The Tides Of Time (U)4.96
Time Gal (U)4.63
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