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Listing Adventure games for C64 PP:

Adventure Construction Set (UE)Adventure Construction Set (UE) [alt]Adventure Creator (UE)Alice in Wonderland (UE)Alternate Reality - The Dungeon (UE) (v2.1)Amazon (UE)Amazon (UE) [alt]Arc of Yesod (U)Artura (E)Artura (U)Atlantis (G)Back to the Future (UE)Basil the Great Mouse Detective (E)Batman - The Caped Crusader (U)Below the Root (UE)Beyond the Forbidden Forest (UE)Black Crystal (UE)Bloodwych (UE)Bloodwych (UE) [alt]Borrowed Time (UE)Breakers (UE)Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (UE)Captain Blood (E) (M3)Captain Blood (E) (M3) [alt]Castle Master (UE) (M3)Cauldron (U)Citadel (E)Corruption (UE) (v1.11)Crackdown (E)Cyborg (UE)Cyborg (UE) [alt]Dallas Quest, The (UE)Dark Side (E)Death in the Caribbean (UE)Demon's Winter (UE) (v1.1)Doc the Destroyer (U)Doc the Destroyer (UE)Dragon Wars (UE)Dragon's Keep (UE) (v1.0f)Dragonworld (UE)Echelon (U)Echelon (U) [alt]Eidolon, The (UE)Eidolon, The (UE) [alt]Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (G)Elvira II - The Jaws of Cerberus (G)Elvira II - The Jaws of Cerberus (UE)Encounter (U)Faery Tale Adventure, The (UE)Fahrenheit 451 (UE) (Telarium)Fahrenheit 451 (UE) (Trillium)Finders Keepers (UE)Fire King (UE)Forbidden Forest (U)Frankie Goes to Hollywood (U)Fred (UE)Garrison (E)Golden Axe (E)Goonies, The (UE)Goonies, The (UE) [alt]Great Escape, The (E)Great Escape, The (U)Guild of Thieves, The (UE) (v1.0)Heart of Africa (U)Hero of the Golden Talisman (UE)Heroes of Karn, The (UE)Hong Kong Phooey (UE)I Alien (UE)Infiltrator (E)Infiltrator (U)Into the Eagle's Nest (U)Invaders of the Lost Tomb (UE)Invaders of the Lost Tomb (UE) [alt]Iron Lord (E)Iron Lord (E) [alt]Jaws (U)Jaws (UE)Jet, The (UE) (v2.00)Jinxter (UE) (v1.0)Killed Until Dead (E)Killed Until Dead (U)Kinetik (E)Knightmare (E)L.A. Crackdown (UE)Labyrinth (UE) (Six Sizzlers Compilation)Lancelot (U)Last Ninja 2 - Back with a Vengeance (U)Last Ninja, The (E)Last Ninja, The (E) (Six Sizzlers Compilation)Last Ninja, The (U)Law of the West (UE)Leather Goddesses of Phobos (UE) (R59)Legacy of the Ancients (UE)Legend of Blacksilver, The (U)Lost Tomb (UE)Maniac Mansion (G)Maniac Mansion (U) (Activision)Maniac Mansion (U) (Lucasfilm)Mask of the Sun, The (UE)Mean Streets (U)Mickey's Space Adventure (UE)Mindshadow (UE)Mission Elevator (UE)Mission Elevator (UE) [alt]Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony (UE) [b-savegame]Moonmist (UE) (R4)Neuromancer (U)Nine Princes in Amber (UE)Nodes of Yesod (U)Odyssey (UE)Omega (UE) (v03.032)Pawn, The (UE) (v2.3)Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (UE)Pharaoh's Revenge (UE)Pirates of the Barbary Coast (UE)Pirates! (UE)Plundered Hearts (UE) (R26)Project Firestart (U)Quest, The (UE)Questron (UE)Reisende im Wind (G)Rendezvous with Rama (UE) (Telarium)Rendezvous with Rama (UE) (Trillium)Rick Dangerous (E) (Six Appeal Compilation)Rings of Medusa (G)Roadwar 2000 (UE) (v1.2)Rocket Ranger (U)Rocky Horror Show (UE)Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure (UE)Saboteur (UE)Satan (E) (Six Appeal Compilation)Seven Cities of Gold (UE)Seven Cities of Gold (UE) [alt]Shinobi (E)Shinobi (U)Shogun (UE)Silicon Dreams (UE)Sinbad (E)Sinbad (U)Soul Crystal (E)Spellbound (UE) (Ocean)Spellbound (UE) (Timeworks)Spooks (UE)Suspended (UE) (R7)Suspended (UE) (R8)Swiss Family Robinson (UE)Sword of Kadash (UE)Tass Times in Tonetown (UE)Temple of Apshai Trilogy (UE)Temple of Apshai Trilogy (UE) [alt]Time Tunnel (E)Time Tunnel (E) [alt]Times of Lore (UE)Times of Lore (UE) [alt]Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness (U)Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness (UE)Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness (UE) [alt]Ultimate Wizard (U)Uninvited (UE)Wasteland (UE)Weird Dreams (E)Weird Dreams (U)Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego (UE)Who Framed Roger Rabbit (UE)Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood (UE)Wiz (UE)Wizard of Oz, The (UE)X-Men - Madness in Murderworld (UE)X-Men - Madness in Murderworld (UE) [alt]Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (G)Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz (UE) (R22)

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